Mar 3, 2010

Dahi Bread Sandwich

This is a quick and simple recipe provided by my friend Poppy in India. She has been one of my best friends from my Kindergarten! I'm not telling you how many years that is - but all I can say is that its many many many years!!

As soon as she told me this, I knew I had to make it coz there is a big big Dahi lover in my family - my husband of course. And I don't eat Dahi at all except for raithas. Why did we marry again?? Anyway..

Do try this at home - it can be made in a jiffy and tastes great. This can be served as a snack similar to Dahi Vada. Or eaten as a part of a meal. This will also make a good appetizer for a party.

To begin with, you will need a few slices of plain old white bread  ( I don't mean old as in stale - do get fresh bread)

And then you need some Green Chutney and Tamarind Chutney similar to the chaat chutney.

Take 3 slices of bread. Apply green chutney on one, tamarind chutney on the other and just while the third one is waiting for its turn, keep a sad face and tell him he's getting none!


Now sandwich them together like this. You could throw a coin to decide which should be on top and which goes on the bottom! 

Then, cut the edges off the sandwich to make nice smooth sides. And then cut the sandwich into two triangles - or squares - or rectangles. Up to you again - can't decide? Throw another coin.


Now arrange them in a beautiful dish that was gifted to you by a kind got none?? I got one!! Thank you Chitra for the wonderful serving dishes - will use the other one soon and blog about it too. 

Add more sandwiches similarly until the base is all filled up.

After all sandwiches are done - move the whole dish to the fridge. Chill for about an hour or so - uncovered. You want the bread to kind of dry up and yet not too hard.


Take some fresh curds in a mixing bowl. 


Add salt to taste, red chilli powder, a real tiny pinch of turmeric, some fresh jeera powder and fresh dhaniya powder. Then, add 1/2 tsp of chaat masala on top. Mix together well.


Add freshly chopped cilantro on to the dahi mixture. This adds a lot of beauty and flavor to the whole deal.


Now, pour the dahi mixture on top of the chilled bread sandwiches just before serving. This will turn soggy if you do it before you start your make up for the party! So, do it just in time.


Garnish and beautify anyway you like it. 


  This was the way I liked it!


Cut and serve immediately. To make it more like a chaat, you can even serve with some chopped tomatoes or sev on top. Be creative and kick it up anyway you like. Can you see how the insides are still firm and you can see the layers?

Serve with love.

Enjoy. Peace Out!


  1. Hey, this is yummy for sure! I can vouch for that cos I make something similar (

  2. Hey! This is yummy for sure...I can vouch for that, 'cos I make a similar one (

  3. so creative! definitely gonna try.. err.. as soon as i whip up the chutneys :D

  4. This looks yumm:) lovely step by step pics!!!

  5. Delicious !! I prepare a similar recipe from my mom's dairy in similar manner but with addition of potato and nuts filling in the sandwich and layering curd mixture in the bottom too before layering the bread and then of course going crazy with chaat toppings !!!!!!!!

  6. Yummy and a wonderful snack!!! Tempting!!!

  7. Looks yumm and absolutely tempting. I too make dahi sandwich but it is totally different. Will post it soon. Nice clicks and hats off to ur patience taking step by step pictures.

  8. Looks delicious with perfect explanation and tempting pictures.

  9. Aha... very creative and as you say just like chaat but with bread...

  10. Wow! It looks so yummy! Great ideas!

  11. Thats different and sounds like a good idea Anu.

  12. I entered ur zone today..too late and im sorry for myself.i was just about to close this window but suddenly thought to check out other recipes
    this recipe is really too good.i just love it.i was just searching for this kind of recipes.thankyou so much for such tasty recipes


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