Dec 12, 2009

Part 3: Assembling the 12 Layer Cake!

The most fun part! Assembling the 12 layers - oh what fun! It was almost like building the leaning tower of pisa!

I had made 6 white cakes, 3 chocolate and 3 mocha so that I can alternate a white cake after every chocolate and Mocha layer. That way - the cake will look more pretty! See..good planning!

My base is going to be a chocolate layer - don't ask why. Maybe because its chocolate and I always pick that one first!

I cut one of the aluminum baking pans to provide a base for the cake. Its easier to move it around later.

Now, pour about a couple of tbsp chocolate filling sauce on top of this layer. Let it just spread around by itself. The layer that you will place on top of this will also spread it out nice.


Ooh..see that filling oozing out when a layer of cake is pressed down on it.


More Layers!


More icing!


More layers! Anyone counting yet?


I want to just bend down and lick this all up - but I will be decent and refrain from doing that!


I think I'm getting to the top of the tower...


Pour the icing on the top most layer and let it all just drip down.

And then pour some more..


Using an offset spatula, gently move the icing all around the cake. Keep an eye on the cake - mine almost fell take a couple of mins for the icing to set and until then, make sure they are not droopy or leaning to a side.


There it is. Done for now. Let this cool down well.


I could have just let the cake be like that - but thought if I could add another smooth layer of frosting without the layers I went about making frosting without cocoa and with chocolate chips. But, somehow that did turn out great - it was not thick frosting and just became another layer of thin watery frosting. So, if I were you, I'd skip that - but I did do it - so if you were me, you should skip that and let this just be. Confused? You'll get it..eventually!

Here is my other frosting. And I applied it again on the cake.


Move it to the fridge for about an hour or so to cool down.


There's my #1 candle on there!


And that my friends is what all of this hard work is all about!


I'm not talking now..


I took so many pictures with just the cake and strawberry and could not get a good shot. My daughter came in and just placed this candle on the strawberry. Perfect. 


This is just obsession. Ignore me!


Happy First Anniversary to my blog!

Enjoy! Peace Out!


  1. Great way to celebrate a blogiversary. Love the chocolate dripping!!

  2. Love the cake nice way to celebrate the anniversary of the blog

  3. whoah!! the sliced piece looks amazing!!

    btw, i wonder why your posts never show up on my reader..

  4. Oh!! The cake just seems to melt in the mouth

  5. WOw!Amazing. Step by step pics are superb.Do drop by

  6. One word!!!Superb:) OMG!look at the cross section!!! perfect!

  7. Congratulations dear..... 12 layers, from jan to december is it? :)

  8. What a great looking cake.Congrats!

  9. That's a great idea to celebrate. Happy b'day to your blog.

  10. Thank you everybody for your kind comments!

  11. Happy Anniversary to your blog. The cakes looks so beautiful..

  12. Awesome layered cake.Luv to have one....
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  13. Congraz on completing 1st year,happy anniversary to your blog and hope u celebrate many more too, and what a lovely cake it is.,yummy & perfect for this occasion...awesome pics too

  14. Hey Anu,
    Is it true that u made it...? Unbelievable... It looks Yummy...Mouth watering...!!!! My daughter wants it too... Kindly send me too... Waiting for it...
    In addition 12th is my Birthday too... U didn't send me the cake...

  15. Hi Mriganayani! Looks divine!! You got a great perfect horizontal slice. Mine goes slightly uneven though I use a serrated knife. HELP!!


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