Dec 11, 2009

Part 2 of 3: Making the Chocolate Icing

This icing was so delicious - I just wanted to drink it all with a straw! Yeah..this is the pourable kind of icing and it was just sinful making it - I felt like I needed to take a shower after this - that sinful!!

Again, I followed the recipe as in the Smiths' Family 12 layer cake recipe. But, as I was doing it, I realized I was all out of cocoa. Here's the deal - I do make a list of all thing I need to have in hand before I start making something. And I did it this time too. So, when i made the list, I checked cocoa because I had it in my fridge. I did not realize I had like maybe 2 tbsp left in the box - not enough for the icing recipe mentioned. And I already did my trip to the grocery store and was in no mood to go back again! After cursing at myself a little but, I decided to improvise on the recipe a little bit. I added all the cocoa I had, and then added chocolate chips for the rest. Its all chocolate anyway - how can you go wrong?

To begin, empty a can of evaporated milk in a pan.

Add 3 cups of sugar to the milk.


Add 1 cup(2 sticks) of butter to the pan.


Add the cocoa powder - if you are following the recipe, you should add 1/2 cup of cocoa powder. But since I added only about 1/4 cups, I added another 1/2 cup of chocolate chips (milk chocolate) to this. I know the math does not add up - but it seemed right to do!

Mix everything well and bring to a boil.


When the mix has boiled a little, add the chocolate chips so that they melt well quickly.


Bring it all to a boil again. And then turn the stove to a simmer. Keep stirring and you will see that the sauce thickens.


Look at that consistency - now tell me - don't you want to just eat this all up. No nothing. Just this! Yeah - that's how I felt too. 


We now have the layers and the filling ready. Let's look at the assembly of the cake - coming up in Part 3!


  1. Such a lengthy procedure. Good. Keep rocking

  2. such detailed explanation and very yum.thanks for sharing.

  3. Fantastic step by step explanation.Nice pics!

  4. Nice presentation.. thank you for the easy to follow recipe.

  5. I would drink that too... in most cases i eat more frosting while tasting than when its on the cake!


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