Feb 14, 2013

Deep Dark Chocolate Bar

Wishing all my readers a Happy Valentines Day! 

This valentines day is a little different for me. So, what's happening in my life is that I'm doing this 10 week weight loss challenge with my bootcamp group. Its going great and I love it - but the biggest change I made to my eating habits is that I cut out sugar. Totally. Big, huge, humongous step for me. You all know how much I love that nasty little thing. But I've given it up. And after 4 weeks, I don't even crave it. An orange seems way too sweet for me now. 

But what's Valentines Day without a little chocolate right? I bravely told my husband not to bother getting me chocolates this year - he has my permission to get a box of protein powder instead. But I did hear a separate conversation between my daughter and him - and she made sure he still gets her a box of chocolates because she too is his valentine and that she's not off sugar or anything like that. What a loving family I have. 

Anyways, on my quest for some healthy chocolate recipes (and also the fact that I indulged in a little impulsive shopping when I saw this little chocolate bar mold), I came across this wonderful recipe from a chocolate lover's blog -  Three-Ingredient Chocolate Bars from chocolatecoveredkatie.com. Thank You Katie for making my dream come true! I'm saving this as a classic favorite recipe for all my life. 

The recipe is very simple. Three Ingredients. About three minutes to make. That's it.

Start of course, with some Cocoa Powder.
Next, some Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil. I was surprised to see how relatively healthy this is compared to the other oils and butters. And it smells divine too. And no, I'm not a spokesperson for them. 
The original recipe from Katie's blog uses Stevia extract to make a sugar free indulgence. But I chose to use Agave instead just because I wanted to make it in the 5 mins after I saw the recipe and I could not wait to go to the store to buy stevia extract and besides Agave is amazing as well!

The ratio of ingredients is 1/4 cup cocoa: 1/4 cup coconut oil: 1 tbsp Agave. 

I doubled that ratio while making this as you can see below. 

Measure out 1/2 cup of coconut oil. Add 2 tbsp of Agave to the oil.

 Stir well together. I love this color btw.

Measure out 1/2 cup of cocoa powder.

Add to the oil mix and stir together scraping the sides.

There's some magic showing already. On a very tangential note, did you know you could probably get a facial done with this - well, maybe without the agave. Ok. let't not go there and just stick to the eating part here.

Pour into molds. Can you see why I was obsessed with making this. My new silicone chocolate bar mold. Love it!

I just poured the remaining on a parchment sheet.

Tried some sweetened coconut and almond toppings. We all need variety right?

I haven't yet perfected the art of filling these up just right - but hey, when has a little extra overflowing chocolate hurt anyone?

Pop them into the fridge and just in about 20 mins, they are solid and amazing. You can chop them neatly or break them rough. Just play with them. They've been good to you.

Since virgin coconut oil hardens at temperature below 76F, these turn solid really quick in the refrigerator  Hence this recipe won't work with any other oils.

Enjoy some gorgeous Deep Dark Chocolate. These are great to make hot chocolate drinks too. Btw - these are bitter and I thought my daughter would not like these but she turned out a surprise and loved them!

Happy Valentines Day to all!

Enjoy. Peace Out!


  1. OMG! i too want those moulds! where can i buy them? online? pls pls pls... lovely chocolates... im drooling

    1. Arathi - I did buy them online too - on Zulily.com - not sure if they have those anymore - but I'm sure you can find them online in other stores.

  2. The bars look so perfect. Even I had bookmarked that recipe... Should try soon

  3. Wow you have started a bootcamp thats a big step in your life...how is it going? I have started a bit of working out too. I have a personal trainer and Ive been slogging it out, eating 5 times a day, more protien, less carbs, and burning the fat! How has it been for you so far???
    Shall call ys soon!


    1. Shobha - yes I've been going for a few months now - but really started the weight loss challenge 4 weeks back. Its outdoor and with a great group - I never thought I would step out of the house all January but I'm surprised that I get up, dress warm and workout outdoors at 6 in the morning! Hope your training is going good as well. Good luck to you!

  4. Anu! Believe it or not, I was thinking of you just today morning while was walking to work. Thought I should drop you an email and ask how things are :) And you had left a bunch of comments AND posted this gorgeousness so let me get to that .
    That choc mould, OMG! it's amazingly cute. i want!!!

    I have been looking out for this solid-type coconut oil here too. have to try mustafa stores, they may have it. i keep seeing it used in a lot of recipes now and want to give it a shot.

    btw can you substitute agave in most baking recipes instead of sugar?

    1. Nags - you got it. I'll get the mold for you but you have to visit me to pick it up!

      Its funny how this coconut oil has been traditionally used for centuries in kerala! Guess they knew the goodness of it way back then. When its the new fad, we realize the value of what we knew all along!

      Agave can definitely be used as a substitute for sugar in almost all baking recipes. Its not a sugar free option like Stevia. It does have sugars in it but the natural sugar has a low GI and does not affect insulin levels like regular table sugar. But it is still fructose so too much of it is not good. They taste awesome in iced tea instead of a ton of sugar. Try it sometime.

    2. ok done! :)

      ps: i got coconut oil here in a store but after bringing it home, it turned liquidy. It's still no-smell organic virgin coconut oil so will try it in some baked goodie soon.

  5. Absolutely love this blog. came here 1st when i was looking for some material on Zuka, pondicherry :) [was there recently and visited the place twice in two days]

  6. hello anu, can i use the good old parachute coconut oil in this recipe and can i use sugar as sweetener?

  7. OMG I love the chocolate moulds :D Lovely chocolates :D

  8. That chocolate mould is adorable!!! Perfect Valentine's Day goodies ever :) Whoever needs store bought stuff when you can make this at home?! Absolutely, sinfully awesome!

  9. Anu, That is one awesome recipe for bars. Can i find the mould in walmart or some stores? Any idea? Am sure going to bookmark now..


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