Mar 8, 2012

Badam Kheer

What are you favorite memories of attending weddings in India? Is it the bride and groom, or the emotional parents, or the throngs of people who visit, or the so called melodious music blaring on loudspeakers, or all the beautiful clothes that everyone wears and of course the jewelry, or that cute boy who stares at you while you are not staring at him, (or so he thinks), or that hideous aunty who surely wants to ask your parents all details about your education and gothram so that she will be the first one to suggest an alliance to her ladies club president for her son who apparently just got his first job with Microsoft.  (of course the cute boy staring at you has no idea and has never been anywhere near Microsoft - but he is cute indeed) Phew. So many complications at weddings.

But there is one simple thing I remember that is worth remembering. The food. Forget the big spread of rice, sambar, rasam, mor kuzhambu, podimas, poriyal, kootu, oorga, appalam etc...skip all that and get straight to dessert. Badam Kheer. Wedding Style Badam Kheer. 

I swear I dream about this stuff at times -this is absolutely one of my favorite desserts to complete a nice South Indian lunch. I've tried to make this many times but end up using a lot of almonds and making it thick and sometime ending up even eating it with a spoon. So, now I learnt the right way to making it as it is done in wedding. Watery, yet tasty and the flavor of almond in every sip. And its got the magic biteable seeds in there - the charoli seeds. I always called it the badam kheer seed - because the only time I used to eat this was at weddings. 

Take about a handful of almonds. Blanch them in hot water.

Peel the almonds and grind it with a little milk until you get a almost smooth paste.

Heat a pan in medium heat and move the paste to the pan. Fry for a min taking care not to burn the paste.

Add 2 -3 cups of milk and mix well. Let this boil for about 5-8 mins.

Add 3/4 cup of sugar for 2 cups of milk. Use this proportion if you are making more.

And here comes the beauty. Saffron. A few strands - a lot of oomph. Dissolve a few strands in a tbsp ok warm milk.

When the kheer is almost done, add the saffron strands in and mix well.

And here's how a regular badam kheer becomes a wedding style badam kheer. Charoli seeds.

Take a tbsp of charoli seeds and fry them in ghee till they turn golden and puff up a little.

Add to the badam kheer and mix well. Can you see the consistency - this way you can drink it out of a cup. And don't even bother to wait for it to cool down - there is a specific pleasure that has to be experienced when drinking super hot badam kheer from a cup. Try it and you'll know what I mean.

Of course, share it with everyone in your family and spread the joy.

I'm all done here - but which one of you is getting married soon? Invite me and I'll be there to taste this in your wedding!

Enjoy. Peace Out!


  1. Me too, me too love this a lot. I waaaaaaaaaant this now. Thungarathukku munnadi ippadi tempt panna niyayama ?

  2. Anu, I havent read the post yet. Sara parupu floating and all! The first para made me come down straight here. Enna kodumai idhu? Are all aunties having Microsoft payans in their houses? These useless tambrahm pasango. Cha, forget the guy. Pass me the kheer. Some karasev too, please!

  3. Padichiten. I am not getting married soon and all. No cute guy anywhere in singapore. Cha!

  4. i made this recently, but never heard of those seeds. going to google them now

    1. This looks delicious..Totally YUMMY


  5. very nice recipe. those seeds are a nice addition to the kheer although ihave never heard of it. Will watch out for those in my next shopping:)

  6. Loved reading about the weddings :) Hilarious! Badam kheer looks so pretty in those tumblers Anu :)

  7. Absolutely smashing Badam Kheer! It really does look as good as the ones we are served in shaadis :D

  8. Kheer looks absolutely yummy....tempting.

  9. LOvely refreshing kheer. I love it a lot :)

  10. I haven't seen these served in Andhra weddings, but seeing how its made, it should! The food is what i look forward to at weddings too :)

  11. charoli is pomegranate seeds right? this looks yummy.. although tomo is weekday.. i cant resist.. and em gonna try this :)



  12. Reading your intro paragraph takes me in slow motion blur through the many weddings that i may have missed in as many years! The kheer, paal payasam and the kunja laadu......innum eththanaiyo!
    supera irukku indha kheer and I love the picture with the saffron box open next to the soaked ones.

  13. Who will not love this flavorful drink.. Nice one

  14. Hi: I am reading this recipe only now. Looks easy and delicious, and lovely pictures. Question: Why not start with already skinned almonds, which are easily available (e.g. almond slivers) instead of the soaking-blanching-peeling dance drama? Is there some reason not to use the shortcut? I hope you see this question and reply. Thanks! - S

    1. Thank you Anonymous for stopping by. Simple reason I used the regular almonds was that it was readily available at home and blanching them is not a big hassle for me - so I did not even think twice. Besides, blanching them does help cook the almonds a little bit and it helps with the taste. Thank you again for liking this!

  15. Anu,

    I hope you'd reply to my comment. I plan to make this for a party at home for about 20 people. Can you tell me how much milk and badam I would approximately use?

    Also will this keep fresh if I make it a day before and refrigerate ?

    I know from past experience , your recipes never fail me!

    1. Hi Jan,

      Thank you so much for your confidence in my recipes.

      I would use maybe about 2/12- 3 cups of almond and make a paste first. Add milk until you get a good consistency - not too thin and not too thick. That's how I go - I don't have a set measurement for milk. Remember as you add sugar too, the kheer will get a little thick and more in quantity as well. That should suffice for your party. Also, since this is a heavy dessert, people usually take only small to medium portions.

      Yes, you can make this a day in advance and refrigerate it. Its tastes best when cold.

      Hope it works out good for you. Let me know!



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