Dec 20, 2011

Fruit and Nut Ricotta Cheese Muffins

When you think baking is a cake is too much work, bake some muffins. Even though this is baker banter, the moral behind is that when something seems too big to accomplish, take baby steps. 

Muffins always make me happy. They're easy to make, easy to eat and always handy. You don't need a fork to eat them. You can eat them while driving..while on the phone...while feeding your baby (which takes eternity by the way!)..while putting up Christmas ornaments..or just about any time you feel like eating one. 

This muffin here is a "throw all you find in the batter" kind of muffin. My sister's left over dried jujubes, some dried sweet candy fruit, some coconut, almonds etc..all went in here. This recipe base is from Joy of Baking's chocolate ricotta cheese muffin. I used the flour, egg, sugar, butter measurements from there and then added the fruits and nuts sans the chocolate. (I know..I'm twisted). 

Here's the basic ingredients and measurements -

Ricotta Cheese - 1 cup
Eggs - 2 large
1 1/3 cup Milk
1 tbsp Vanilla extract
4 tbsps Unsalted Butter melted and cooled
2 cups All Purpose Flour
1 1/4 cup granulated white sugar
2 tsps baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

Dried fruits - Jujubes, dried cherries, etc - 1/4 cup each if using 2 ingredients - if more or less, adjust the quantity accordingly. Total should be about 1/2 cup
Sweetened dessicated coconut - 1/2 cup
Sliced or broken almonds - 1/2 cup

Here are the dried Jujubes...courtesy my sister and her visit to the farmers market. These are chewy with a subtle sweetness and my mind screams granola bars when I see them. I will have to calm my mind sometime soon..

Some dried sweet 'tutti-fruiti' - I bought a whole big packet a while back and had major plans of baking a lot of things with this. And then days passed..the pack shrunk in size. All I have to say they make a great quick dessert after a wonder the pack shrunk..

Chop up some almonds if you don't have the pricey sliced almonds at home. These are roasted almonds.

And of course sweetened dessicated coconut. My favorite. If you have some of this, mix them up with melted semi sweet chocolate chips and you have a pronto german chocolate cream.

Add all the fry ingredients and mix together. Add the flour, sugar, salt and baking powder and set aside.

In another bowl, add the ricotta cheese, eggs, melted butter and vanilla extract and mix everything together until the eggs are well incorporated.

Finally add the milk in here and whisk together well.

Slowly mix together the dry and wet ingredients in low speed.

Mix all the fruit and nut ingredients in a bowl.

Add the mixed fruit and nuts to the batter.

Pour spoonfuls 3/4 way in a lined muffin pan. Bake in a pre heated oven at 350F for about 20 mins until the muffins are well done.

Take them out when golden and you know what to do next.

Stare at them for a while and then gorge down on them.

And here's how they look inside packed with the fruits and nuts. Delicious biteable muffins.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and a very Happy New Year!!

Enjoy. Peace Out!


  1. Such lovely flavors and textures in this muffin. Those dried jujubes are a fave munchies whenever i find them.

  2. Muffins look awesome and the first pic looks wonderful..:)
    Lovely recipe..

  3. wow the combination is yummy...looks very tempting

  4. Muffins look really tempting!! I've been dying to bake a fruit cake and make dil pasand (the ones you get in bakeries in Bangalore) with tutti-fruiti from a long time.. but I just can't find them here in the bay area. I've looked just about everywhere... Indian stores, Walmart, Safeway, Target!! I just find candied fruit or peels which comes closest to tutti-fruiti... But just not the real thing.. Where did you buy yours? Any idea where I can buy them here in San Jose?


  5. These muffins are apt for this festive season. Yum!

  6. lovely and cute muffins...saver recipe when u have that itch to bake but no time:)

  7. Omg, those muffins looks super tempting and prefect for this xmas celebration..

  8. These r so yummy.. it's amazing that u r getting time to bake in the midst of baby chaos :)...I'm so glad!

  9. Hi Anu,

    Anyting with tuitty fruity and coconuts and I am a goner! Lovely! How are you enjoying time off from work with the little one?


  10. Hi ANu, Hope the girls are doing great! Love the tutti fruity in the muffins. So festive!


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