May 17, 2011

Rava Idli and Pudina Chutney

Some days when I get home from work, I wish a hot dinner was magically ready on my table and all I have to do is sit down, relax and enjoy it. Well, there's no harm in wishing. 

On some days though, I do have the energy and the inclination to cook and photograph and later blog about it. I want to say that this is often but you and I know the truth there and I won't go any further on that. 

On this day however, I reached home from work very hungry. And was playing various ways to cook up the ingredients at home to make a quick meal. And then it happened. I checked my google reader for a quick min and found this. Nags's Rava Idli post. The minute I saw that picture of her three idlis on the banana leaf plate, I wanted to eat it. So much, that I got up from my computer almost immediately (that never happens btw) and started checking for ingredients and getting my things ready to prepare this. And I thought I did not have Eno and decided to use some baking soda instead - yea..nothing could stop me. But then miraculously, I opened one of my cabinets and this brand new bottle of Eno was sitting right there still wrapped in package unopened! That's it - me and my Rava idli night were just meant to be. Thank You Nags for making me move my lazy butt and cook this up. 

Check out the recipe from Nags blog too. I doubled the quantity so I get a few idlis for lunch the next day too. But, I forgot to double the Eno though - maybe that's why the idlis were a little flat - but they were totally and perfectly cooked and I loved that about them - so flat is not bad at all for idlis!

Here's the proportion I cooked with -

2 cups rava (Sooji/ Semolina)
4.5 cups yogurt
1/2 cup water
Salt - to taste
ENO - 2 tsps.

To mix in the batter -
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
Channa Daal - 1tsp
Fresh curry leaves - a few
Cashewnuts - a few

Fry all the above in 1 tsp of oil. First, heat the oil, let the mustard seeds splutter and then add the rest of the ingredients.

When the channa daal and cashews start turning golden, add the rava and roast in low - medium flame for a few mins until a nice flavor starts floating up and the rava starts to get golden.

Remove from heat and move to a mixing bowl. Add salt to taste.

Next, add half of the yogurt and whisk in well with the rava. Let that sit for about 10 - 15 mins. Get your chutney and sambar ready meanwhile!

Then, mix the rest of the yogurt with the batter and let sit for a few mins.

Add some fresh chopped cilantro in there for a little color and a lot of flavor.

And here comes the trick - ENO. I mistakenly added only 1 tsp. If you are cooking as much quantity as I am here, go ahead and add at least another 1/2 to 1 tsp extra.

As soon as you add the ENO, you'll see the brisk bubbling on the batter - this basically aerates the batter and helps the idli rise up and steam well. If you don't have ENO, baking soda will be a good substitution but not as much - maybe half the quantity unless you want to belch all through your meal. Don't blame me then.

Pour in greased idli moulds and steam for about 12-15 mins.

While that was steaming, I got ready with my mint chutney. Somehow mint chutney goes best with Idlis. If you    don't believe me, listen to what Arjun says in the movie Mudhalvan. Poo pola idli yum pudina chutney yum amma kaiyala saapta - adhukku sugame thani. Meaning, when mom feeds you soft idlis and pudina chutney, there is no other pleasure like that in this world. And I agree with him on that.

This is a quick and easy Pudina chutney recipe. And I make this quite often so I use up my fresh mint in the backyard.

In a pan, add about 1 tsp oil. Add 1 tbsp channa daal to the oil.

Then, add 1 tbsp chopped fresh ginger to the channa daal.

Add about 2 small green chillies chopped to the oil.

Then, add a bunch of fresh mint leaves washed well and drained to the oil.

The mint will wilt in a matter of few seconds.

Once the mint wilts, add fresh or frozen shredded coconut - about 1/2 cup to the pan. Saute for a min and switch off and remove from heat.

Ground everything together with a little salt in the mixie.

And lo and behold, pudina chutney is ready. Add a tadka of mustard seeds and some curry leaves on top.

And my Idlis are out of the idli cooker too. And do they look good or what. Agreed, they are little thin - but these were perfectly done and I loved my meal. I also made some onion-tomato sambar to go with the idlis.

Serve hot. And enjoy. And remember, if you don't feel like cooking somedays, just go online and look at pretty food. You'll find yourself cooking up a storm in no time. Thanks Nags for this revelation in my life!

Enjoy. Peace Out!

Click here for a Printable recipe.


  1. Real recipe with real taste ! I loved the combo and bookmarked.The clicks are superb to say..

  2. Love everything about this post from the recipe to the pictures to the dishes used :)


  3. The idlis are slightly flat but they look porous unlike sometimes they can turn out caked too. The mint lover me is drooling over the chutney....and like you did,I am about to do the same...Rawa idlis tonight with this very mint chutney:)

  4. Wonderful and inviting clicks.. Thanks for sharing dear !!
    Indian Cuisine

  5. well that's definitely more energy than I displayed in my post :) will link to your step by step right away! awesome job anu!!

  6. Wat a wonderful pair, lovely together, can have this combo even everyday..

  7. Several days I get inspired to make dinners only after looking at blogs. This looks delicious with that lovely mint chutney Anu.

  8. Rava idli is my fav...puthina chutney combination is apt for it...looks soft and perfect

  9. I love rava idly...n I make it atleast once a week in my house...nothing beats hot fluffy n soft rava idly..but I love it wid potato saagu more than wid chutney,the most humble combo..:)

  10. Looks mouthwatering and nice step by step pics.

  11. I so agree with you Anu, it does happen, the inspiration just strikes :)

    Lovely platter, I love my rava idli, but never tried with pudina chutney, I usually like them with sambar or idli podi or spicy tomato chutney :)

  12. Wow!! Awesome mouthwatering !!!

  13. Thats true Anu.. When I do have dont-feel-like-cooking-today days, I do look over my blog reader for idea.. I always have some or the other blogger friend of mine posting quick and interesting healthy food which makes me geared up! Superb looking rava idlis..

  14. Well, what can I say... my mom would say, "Look at Anu... is she ever lazy?" ;) Yeah! she does say that when I say I don't feel like cooking :))

  15. Anu, This is like a disaster. Seeing it, and biting on granola bars. Amma illa, anu kitta idli kidachalum super! Amazing post.

  16. Anu, something at the back of my mind tells me that I am supposed to comment about your food or about your website that I cannot help but drool or about your mindblowing photos or amazing green thumb. But I am here to say that Nags has to be one hell of a blogger. I saw her comments in three completely different websites this evening - ArunSundar's, chefinyou and yours. Intrigued I jumped to her site and lo and behold she lives where I live. I have GOT to meet her :)
    Oh! By the way, I was inspired by your blog... (psst ... not to make the idlis... oh! no! That is just way too much work, but) to watch Mudhalvan :D

  17. Oh! By the way, your website should come with options of a like button next to the photos. I liiiike the chutney photo. I can see myself dipping my finger in it and licking it. Yumm!!


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