Jan 9, 2011

Slow Cooker Bisibelabath

One of my resolutions was to update the blog every 3 days - looks like I broke it the very first week. But as they say - better 5 days than 6. I did start another blogging venture - my Project 365 where I'll be publishing one picture every day. And I named that blog Zoom & Angle. Check it out and leave me your feedback there.

I love to cook. You all kinda know that by now.

But I have my days when I don't want to enter anywhere near the kitchen except maybe to refill my water or coffee. I don't want to cook more than one thing sometimes and I desperately look for a one dish wonder to make. And of late, my slow cooker and I are slowly getting to know each other because of this. And I realize she's very helpful. She loves me much and wants to make life easier for me. And I reciprocate the love and use her totally. I can assure you I'm not like that in real life.

This was one of those when I had to take my daughter to one of her many classes in the evening and had no time after work to cook up a full meal. And so, my slow cooker came to my rescue. I dumped everything in, switched it on and left the house. Three hrs later when we all sat down for dinner including my slow cooker, it was a perfect, delicious and satisfying meal.

If you're thinking of buying one of these, just do it. They are not too expensive. You do get good ones on sale for 20-30 dollars and if not everyday, many a days these do make your life easier. Mine was a gift from my dear sister - rather she bought it for herself and kept it for a year without using it. Then, one day she was cleaning up and decided she wanted her 1 sqft back. And that's why people you are seeing this post! (Side note - eventually my sister filled up that 1 sq.ft with something else!)

There are 3 settings on my slow cooker - the Low, High and Warm. The low setting takes about 7-8 hrs to cook something - this would be perfect to like switch on in the morning when you go to work and by the time you come back home, dinner is ready. In California though, you just hope one of those earthquakes don't come by and topple your slow cooker. Other than that, no other issues having them on while you are away somewhere else. The High setting takes about 21/2 hrs to cook your meal which is what I used this time. I switched this on at about 5:00pm and we had dinner at 7:30pm and it was perfect. The warm setting ..well just keeps things warm.

Get the pot out and turn it on. Get your cutting board and the veggies that you like to add in your Bisibelabath. Wash all the veggies. Start chopping them up and directly adding to the pot. I added 1 tsp of oil to the pot before I added the veggies.

So, I have tomato, green beans, carrots, 1 potato, onions, 1 chayote squash (chow-chow), and also some green peas (not shown here). Chop it all up roughly and add to the pot.

I put 1.5 cups of rice and 3/4th cups of toor daal. Wash them well together. If you have time, you can actually soak these together for about an hour. That will cook them easier.

Add the washed rice to the veggies.

Add salt to taste.

A pinch of turmeric.

Some red chilli powder according to your heat level. 

One heaped tsp of Sambar powder.

Mix it all up well.

Now, add water. I added about 6 cups of water for 1.5 rice and 3/4 daal. Bisibelabath always taste better when its a little thin and completely cooked. So, don't worry about adding a little extra water. Remember, you need enough water for both the rice-daal and also the veggies.

In a pan, add 1 tsp of oil and do a tadka of Mustard seeds and curry leaves. I was out of curry leaves and missed it dearly - so please add if you do have. Once the tadka is ready, add it to the slow cooker on top of all the rice and veggies. This flavor of mustard seeds cooked with the rice turns out good.

Then, for the masala - take all of these ingredients below -

Channa Daal - 2 tsp
Urad Daal - 1.5 tsp
Cumin Seeds - 1 tsp
Black Pepper whole - 1/2 tsp
Fenugreek seeds - 1/2 tsp
Corainder seeds - about 2 tsps
Red Chillies - 3-4 or more if you want it spicier
Coconut - about 1/2 cup

Dry roast all of the above in a pan until the aromas start floating up.

Move to a mixer or blender, add a little water and make a paste out of the spices.

Like this.

Add the ground masala paste to the pot.

Mix it all up well once.

And finally, add 1 tsp of ghee to the pot.

Close it. And go do your other stuff. I was out chauffeuring and was stuck in traffic! Maybe you can watch a movie.

Lo and behold, after 2.5 hrs, bisibelabath is ready!

Give it a quick stir and get your dinner plates ready.

Serve hot out of the pot with some raitha and potato chips. I don't think there is a better accompaniment for this dish.

Now was that an easy meal or what? And perfectly satisfying like I said before.

Enjoy. Peace Out!


  1. lovely step by step demo.the bisibelebath looks very tempting and delicious.

  2. SLurp, mouthwatering here, delicious BBB..

  3. This post looks like you are an ambassador for this crockpot! BBB looks creamy and delicious.

  4. Okay - my resolution to actually post comments on your blog! Given how much I hear from others about what a non-participative family you have :)
    BBB looks delicious - I drank spinach smoothie for breakfast and a curried pasta soup for lunch (10 servings of veggies, mind you) I long for something hearty..please send some my way, please.....

  5. Oh Wow... Anu..bisi bela bath looks very yummy.... I love your blog... I came across your blog very recently and just loved it... So, I took some time and read through each and every post on your blog in about 3 days. You have a wonderful job and you are inspiring me to start a blog of my own...

  6. i can see the SLR magic in your pictures :)

    My version is a super lazy one, I only add sambar powder (and no masala) but add more of it. I roughly grind the grated coconut with some green chillies. And also, I add tamarind water along with plain water. I love BBB but TH is not a fan although he doesn't mind it occasionally. Boo.

  7. Slurrrrrrrrrp!

    I wouldnt mind some of this now, for breakfast, cos Im feeling too lazy to even go near my kitchen right now. One of those days when I wish I could make food appear by just uttering some spell from Harry Potter world...sigh! Accio BBB! (nada). Gonna try again...Accio, Accio! :P

    Btw, I second Nags...the DSLR magic is weaving itself into your pics, and do I love it or what? :)

    PS: I love the new blog...I peek in regularly, but havent left you a comment on there yet. Im off to there now. See ya over there :)

  8. I just made yday for lunch with raith too :)..mine was a bit longer version though I made to make just like this using pressure cooker ..my sis has slower cooker too and she not even opened the pack ...guess it's my time to get from her ;)

  9. Hot Hot Bisibelabaath with some chips, mmm!!!! Yummy!!!!
    Hope me too had a Slow Cooker!!! coz now-a-days i too dont feel like going near the Kitchen, since there is lot pending @ all other rooms!!!! :(

  10. Hey Anu,

    Yummy and tasty dish...:)



  11. Bisi Bele bath is very favorite of mine and looks too good...:)

  12. Hey,Am new here.Just discovered your site by accident. Am already a big fan.

    Thank you for spreading cheer and happiness through your cooking. It really did brighten my day.


  13. Thats a great recipe Anu..I only had this from restaurants before. Will surley put my hands on this...

  14. Hi - great looking recipe and would like to follow it this weekend! A quick question though - Is that grated coconut I see on the masala plate? If so, what quantity would you suggest? Also, I am not sure about what happens to the "Tadka" - does it get tossed into the slow cooker or is is used to dry roast the masalas? Thanks in advance for your help. I am really looking forward to this dish. Tasted it a long time ago in India.

  15. Thank you everyone!

    @ Kitchen queen - thanks! :)
    @ Priya - thank you too :)
    @ Aruna G - did you miss your slow cooker after reading this. I'm still not giving it back!

    @ Divya - LOL! I wish they'll pay me for all the free advertising I do here..LOL!

    @ SS - welcome and thank you for going through everything - hope you have fun. That makes me happy too!
    @Shanthi - thank you :)
    @ Nags - I too add tamarind water normally but this time I totally zoned out and forgot all about it until Priya reminded me of it on the fb page! But I did not miss the tamarind while eating and loved this version too!

    @ Mads - you want BBB for breakfast??? Nice! I know how your day will turn out! ZZZZzzzz...LOL!

    @ Priti - you go girl! That's what sisters are for!

    @Priya Vaasu - I know what you mean..maybe that's why I stay in the kitchen - its a little better organized than the other rooms!

    @Dr. Sameena - thanks :)

    @Prathiba - thanks :)
    @ Jaisy - thanks :)
    @ Gayathri - thanks :)
    @ Samanvitha - I'm glad you tripped and fell on my blog. Welcome. Enjoy the stay! And btw - love the name!
    @ Kairali sister - thank you all!:)))

    @ Anonymous - yes -that is coconut and I forgot to add that to the list above! My bad! I use frozen coconut here which comes pre shredded. And yes, I added the tadka to the slow cooker pot so that the flavor of mustard seeds would mix well with the rice. Enjoy making it - hope you like it! I forgot to add tamarind too - so if you want it a little bit more tangy, go for it.

  16. the bisibelabath look awesome dear...tooo yumm!

  17. That looks so good and easy.. I am all in for slow cooker. Please post more slowcooker recipes if you have.


  18. Nice pictorial. Love your space

  19. Wow! what a lovely presentation, I almost cooked and ate the Bisi Bhele bhat as you cooked it all the way. The texture looks just the right, creamy with all the veggies and spices getting married to the rice. Lovely.

  20. I made BBB for dinner today following your recipe. I used my pressure cooker to make it- the end result was fantastic. I'd also made your pineapple rasam a few days back.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes!

  21. This is my first time on your blog as well as using my brand new slow cooker. Your recipe looks yummy so I'm making it for dinner tonight!
    Thank you for sharing!

  22. Hey

    Made this today using the slow cooker which I had,never made anything successfully in it but this was too too good,beyond my expectation!
    Thank you dear and please continue to post more recipes using the slow cooker.

  23. Please post more Crock pot recipes!!! Absolutely loved this one!

  24. Awesome recipe... it was a big hit in our party... thanks to you :):)

  25. Thanks for sharing this! How many portions can you get out of it?

    1. If this is your only main dish for the meal, it will serve 3-4 people. If this is a part of a bigger meal, it will serve 5-6 people. Hope that helps. Even though the rice you use might suggest for about 2 normally, because of the addition of veggies and everything else, quantity always increases. Hope you enjoy making and eating it!


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