Dec 2, 2010

Missi Roti and Gatte Ki Sabji

Its been a whole week plus some more after my last post. I know giving excuses is not good - but you'd probably do so too if  you had a computer that turned south on you and decided that it will push the limits so much that you might want to strangle it with its own wire and throw it out of the window.

This has been in my drafts for a while now. This is a traditional rajasthani dish but with my own touches added. It is quite a heavy meal and I don't really get why they would have both the rotis and the sabji made with besan. But, hey I'm just following what was told to be the best combo. 

Starting off with the Missi Rotis, this is a spiced up roti and is made with a combination on wheat flour and besan. Usually, the propotion would be 2 cups of besan to 1 cup of atta. But, I just added equal quantities of both. 

So take about 1 cup of wheat flour (atta) and 1 cup of Chick Pea flour (besan). Sieve em together. Add salt to taste. Add about 1 tsp of red chilli powder. Then add 1 tsp of jeera and 1 tsp of ajwain to the flours.

Add about a couple of spoons of ghee into this and then adding water a little at a time, mix into a dough.

Like this.

Take small balls out of it and roll it into a thin chappathi. I've had missi rotis that are thick and heavy - if you want that kind.

And yes - did you like my roller? Loved it and its such an ease to roll stuff!

Cook the rotis on a tawa and add some ghee if you want to - I skipped that know why.

And now for the side kick to go with the rotis. Gatte ki Sabji. If you are a Rajasthani, you'd probably never add onions to the traditional dish. But, I just wanted to kind of get the punjabi kadi thing going with the rajasthani gatte thing. Talk about mixing up cuisines. It was real good indeed and I think I'm going to be doing it this way from now on.

For the gattes, sieve about 11/2 cups of besan. Add salt to taste and red chilli powder too.  I also added some jeera and dhaniya powder.

Again, add about 1 tsp of ghee to the flour mix.

Adding a little water at a time - make a thick dough out of the flour.

Then take small portions of the dough and roll into thin long pieces. And then cut the thin ones into little pieces.

Here are the small gattes. Some people cook the long strips and then cut it into small pieces. Either way is fine, I guess.

Boil water in a wide pan and when the water is bubbling, add these gattes in there. Cook for about 5 mins or until they all rise up and start swelling up a bit.

You can skip this step - but I give them a quick rinse with cold water when they are done so that they don't stick with each other and become a big ball.

Now in a pan, add a couple of spoons of oil and when hot, add mustard seeds to splutter. And then add some fresh curry leaves and a generous spray of asofoetida powder from the box - trust me, this is helpful!
Then, add the long cut onions and saute for a couple of mins.

Add turmeric powder, red chilli powder and a little of jeera-dhaniya powder.

When the onions turn translucent, add the cooked gattes in here.

Blend about 2 cups of yogurt with a little water and make into a semi-thick consistency. Add the yogurt to the gattes and turn the flame down to low.

Cook the sabji in low flame until a lot of the moisture evaporates and the sauce thickens.

And when done, add fresh cut cilantro and mix well.

Serve hot with warm missi rotis.

I also made a quick green beans dry sabji with some coconut for a little green addition to the mostly yellow meal.

So Missy, enjoy those missis and get.a.lot of the gattes!

Enjoy. Peace out!


  1. I loved ur roller dear..very nice..:)
    Even I agree the meal is quite heavy and loaded with loads of besan..But this comes to rescue when we do not have vegetables at home..lovely combo.

  2. that ghatte thing is awesome. the rolled out bits look so smooth and shiny. its a bit like gnocchi eh? what with the boiling in water and all. nice yaa, very nice! :)

  3. wow so very delicious I am going to try this soon I love the gatte ke kadhi.

  4. Nice step by step instructions. Simply superb!

  5. Anu, your rolling pin is so lovely..loved it..Missi roti with gatte ki sabji sounds delicious..

  6. Lovely combo but have never tried gatti subzi with the missi roti as both has besan.. But i love it a lot , i used to make for roti or rice too. As prathy said rescue when we dont have veggies at home. By the way i always love this kind of meals . I ur roller is so cute.. i will never use it if i have myself..enge vangininga ?

  7. I too loved your decorative rolling pin Anu..Missi roti and curry looks too good...

  8. I am going to try it soon!! your rolling pin is lovely, initially i thought u have covered the dough with a cloth :)))

  9. Delicious Gatte!! I make the curry with tomatoes too!!

  10. I love the combo and hey where did you get that rolling pin from?

  11. haha nice parting shot there anu! loved the gatte ki is a lot of besan...but i guess the way they are cooked, you wouldnt even realise that huh!!! I did LOVE your roller and I am not even gonna let you go until you told me where you got it from...Now dont tell me Sur La Table !!!


  12. Thank you all!

    For all who asked and live in the US - I bought the roller from Home Goods - one of my favorite stores to shop for kitchen gadgets!

  13. All three dishes look so flavorful and comforting!! I want to dive in to the picture and eat that plate :)

  14. thanks for the clear step by step recipe! and yes your roller looks awesome. Thanks to Nags for providing a link to your blog!

  15. I've been following Nag's blog, since the time I got married 8 months back:) Never got to know about ur blog! Thanks Nags, for giving me the link in ur mail! Thats very sweet of u:)

    And Anu, loved ur beautiful step by step pictures of missi roti and gatte ki sabji! Gonna try tat soon and woo my hubby:D And yes, im in love with ur roller pin. Could u tell me where u got that? :)

  16. Give me some of your patience, would you? I love the idea! And Im definitely trying this soon. Bookmarked!

    Psst, I also love something prizes to you for guessing what it is. The beautiful rolling pin of course! Im telling Santa to steal it from you and deliver it in my stocking this Christmas! That way, I save on my air tickets to the US if I had to come steal it :)

  17. Hi,
    I have been following ur blog and stealing ur amazing cooking ideas for quite some time. The recipes are amazing and the pics are fabulous. The pics are enough to make my mouth water :D
    I tried this recipe last time when I was at my Mom's place. Unfortunately the gatte's turned ut to be a bit hard. May be I boiled the for too long in water? I expected them to be similar in consistency to pakoras, but they weren't. Can you help me out?
    Dia :)

    1. Thank you Dia for your comment and for following the blog!

      it could be that you might have boiled them for a long time. As soon as they start to float, you can remove them. They should not feel hard to bite but a little bite should be present - they will not be too soft and melty. and also not as crispy as pakoras, since these are completely made of besan. Try them later some time and let me know if it turns out softer than this time. thanks again for the encouraging comments!


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