Nov 7, 2010

Diwali Round Up

Hope you all had a Wonderful and Happy Diwali!

Here's a little round up of all the Diwali specials at home this year. I've posted the detailed recipes on a couple of these - will bring you the rest of them sometime soon.

These are crunchy Coconut Milk Murukkus. I've been addicted to what's left of this and I'm saving this recipe for always and ever!

And these are curvy White Murukkus - also crunchy and definitely addictive!

South Indian mixture: TH is currently binging on these. There is no stopping until its all over!

These were sweet Somasis - filled with lots of nuts and dessicated sweet coconuts! Someone used to bring this to our place every Diwali when I was a kid. I so wanted to eat these this Diwali and decided to make them myself. And loved it as always! Post coming up soon!

These were Kaju Diyas! I started making something and ended up with something - but it was absolutely delicious and I thought I can get creative and shape them into little diyas. My daughter told me that look more like easter eggs. I'm not denying but they did taste real good! My favorite of all I made!

Mango Burfi topped with Pistachios and Almonds.

Here's another look at the platter!

And this was what I packed to share with my friends here!

Enjoy. Peace Out!


  1. Lovely spread.. And what is that which looks like India? Is it also Kaju sweet?

  2. That was fast Shanthi Maami! Yes - that was also Kaju sweets - I cut most of them into little ovals to shape like Diyas - these were the left over bits - and they do look like India - and I was happy just seeing many little India's on my tray!

  3. that take away hamper for the guests is a great idea..I'm sure going to steal that for next year...thanks. Also, your murukus look delicious..infact this is one savoury that everyone reaches for, esp. the kids:)

  4. Wow, that is a blast of sweets and savouries for Diwali ! Loved all of them... and surely love to try them lesurely...
    I like the Ganapathi with diyas, very nice.

  5. post mango burfi recipe soon!

    ps: i really need to move closer to you if this is the kind of packages you give out to friends!

  6. Wat a beautiful spread..looks absolutely fabulous..

  7. seeing is delicious. hope it had tasted the same. waiting 4 the recipes....

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    Happy Diwali to you and your family!
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  9. Omgosh, that platter! My tummy just started growling!

  10. Wow thats wonderful roundup Anu.. I didn't receive the parcel yet ??? waiting for all the recipes.

  11. wow, that was a nice roundup that you did.So many people have put in effort to make diwali special

  12. Wonderful spread for diwali!!

  13. delicious snacks
    check out the event in my site

  14. Lovely spread Anu.Looks nice and crunchy, I was also wondering about India shaped sweets...until i read Shanthi mami`s comments!!! Awesome!
    happy Deepavali to all of you!!!


  15. I know Im just horrendously late. Nonetheless, you have transported me right back to Diwali again. And I so want to eat all the sweets, the murukkus, and that yummy mixture now. What's worse - I don't even have anything at home to snack on while I look at your teasing pictures :( Bah, so much for being a foodie, that I dont even stock up on junk food to get me through days like this!! Next year, Im coming over to Irvine for Diwali. Guess why? So I can get one of those foodie-goodie bags with the lovely blue ribbon on it too ;)

    PS: Thanks mucho for making my Diwali even more special with you-know-what ;) Can't thank you enough :)

    Love & Hugs


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