Aug 26, 2010

Bee Pollen - Product Information

I picked up a bottle of this at my farmer's market this week - have any of you had this before?

Bee Pollen - the sheet of paper that came along with this says that its 55% protein - a good protein intake for vegetarians. I googled and found a few facts on this - many sites claim that this is a nutritionally superior food and a great natural product. The lady who sold this claimed that she has a tsp of this every morning and it gives her the energy to get through the day.

People with seasonal allergies swear by this - and say that it has helped them have a sneeze free spring many times! Also this is highly recommended for anemic kids and supposedly improves the immune system to a great extent.

This can be added to smoothies or oatmeal or cereals or just had as is with a spoon of honey. Websites mention that when these are soaked overnight in a little orange juice or water - it improves nutrition assimilation by 80%. 

These are picked from the bees legs while then enter the hives - the bees gather these from the base of the flowers -so a good indicator of a good quality of pollen is multicolored grains, which means the bees have got the pollen from a variety of flowers and plants.

I just bit into a couple of pieces - tastes good by itself - a little sweet in fact.

Here are a few pictures that provide the details - all courtesy of my farmer's market Lady who sells these - she is I think also the owner of Temecula Valley Honey co.  On a side note - their farm has the best oranges ever - super juicy and not a seed in sight!

This costs $11 for a 7.5 oz bottle. Or 2 for $20. 


 This sheet provides information on the composition of the bee pollen. 


And this is the suggested ways to eat this - 


Have any of you had this before? If so, let me know if you see a difference or what this has done for you.

There is a ton of information online on this if you're interested. Spend some time reading around to see if this will work for you. There are of course some conflicting information too. One site says that this is not good for diabetics as this is also sweet and can bring the sugar level up. On other side claims that ample research was done on diabetics and this has shown to drastically bring down the sugar levels and improve insulin resistance. So - I don't know the truth on that!

But as an overall product, I'd like to give it a try and see if it makes a difference on me. 

Enjoy. Peace out!


  1. Great news........thanks to introduce some new thing to us.

  2. Had no idea about it. Thanks to share it with us. Do we get it in India also?

  3. I have seen this anu, but not tried though. Got to know this from one friend that we can add this while making smoothies and its super rich in protein. Even I was having in mind to try this ...

  4. Extremely informative post. Something too new and interesting to know.. :)

  5. Whoa, this is something now. But I wont get it here in India, so boohoo :(
    You might as well eat some more in my name...go on!

  6. Wow this is something new.... never even heard of it.... Very informative post Anu


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