Jan 15, 2010

Fresh Fruit Cocktail Juice

A perfect drink. All the goodness of nature. Serve it with pride and joy to your whole family!

Get your favorite fruits - anything and everything would do -I used pineapples, strawberries and oranges.

Add all the fruits roughly chopped in a blender. Just take out the outer peel and seeds of an orange and throw it in.


Add honey to this - about 1 tbsp instead of the plain white sugar. Natural sweetness is way better than processed sugars!


I added about 1 cup of Apple juice to this. You can also add ice cubes to get a perfectly chilled juice.


Give it all a good whirrrrrrrr....


Serve and enjoy!



Aww...these two strawberries are smooching...get a room you two! Its funny - the flash of the camera makes it look like these two have real eyes!



Enjoy! Peace out!

I'm sending this across as an entry to Madhuri's blog Cook Curry Nook's event "Serve me Some - Juices, Shakes, Smoothies". Thank you Madhuri for hosting. You have a wonderful blog and keep posting great recipes so all us can satisfy our visual food hunger!


  1. Would be great with a slice of cheesy pizza to take off the grease ...:) yum!

  2. lovely refreshing juice with a nice click.

  3. Refreshing and healthy juice. Love the instructions

  4. Wow..... refreshing juice. Nice presentation.

  5. Nice recipe...
    A quick question, i bought a vitamix week ago at BJS demo and still not opened. Some of my friends are suggesting a blendtec, when i read abt it the main con is its sound... I was very happy when i saw a blentec in your blog, i would appreciate your thoughts about the blendtec.. is it rally too noisy? people say that it even affect our ears??? I would be very happy to see your reply. Thanks a lot. - Shreya

  6. Looks fantastic, i can have that for a meal. Healthy & refreshing.

  7. Lovely pic with strawberries n a refreshing smoothie!

  8. Thank you everyone for the kind comments.

    @ Shreya - Both VM and Blentec are very good in terms of blending stuff. My sister has VM and loves it. With Blendtec, there is definitely a lot of noise - its pretty noisy. But, I don't mind it - as its quick and I dont use it everyday - I have three types of blenders at home - the magic bullet ( wonderful for quick blends of anything even in the middle of cooking), our regular indian mixie that I used to grind all kinds of indian spices and the blented that I use for juices or anything that is more than 2-3 cups quantity. Blendtec works good even to make dosa batter for emergencies. The one that that VM is better than BT is that they have a juicer attachment which provides a good juice consistency. With BT, it grinds everything together and is a little thick - more like a smoothie. Also VM has the one push rod that you use to push the food down while blending - saw it at a demo in costco and was impressed with that.

    If you already have a VM, go with it. If you are looking to buy between VM and BT, both are good - depends on what you would like to use it most for.

    Good luck and Happy Blending - hope my reply was even a little helpful.

  9. Shreya - forgot to mention regarding the sound - even though its really loud - I dont think it will affect the ears. Maybe plug into your ipod before you blend. But, the noise is that much that you cannot hear anything else around you in the house.

  10. THANKS ANU..
    I decided to go with vitamix and already used it couple of times, it makes very cool smoothies... but i am not sure to use them to get fruit smoothie with juicy consisteny.. and not sure abt the juicer attachment, do you sure it comes with the 5200 pack or do we need to buy that seperately???
    Thanks again for replying immediately. I truly appreciate that.

  11. Wow! These juices seem tempting and refreshing.


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