Oct 14, 2009

Let Your Kid Cook - Easy Pinwheels!

This is a simple and quick cooking activity that you can do with your kids. And they will love making the whole thing. And be so proud of it!

These are easy pinwheels. Perfect to pop into your mouth!

Take a slice of white bread and trim the edges off.

Let your little chef apply a spoonful of jam on the bread and spread it around.

Roll the bread slowly and wrap it with a plastic cover. Refrigerate the rolled slices for about 2 hrs.


Remove from the fridge, take it out of the cover and cut it into small pinwheels. You are done!


I had to take another picture with the princess's faces showing!


How easy is that for a kid to make? And fun! They can do it for their friends as a special treat during play time!

Enjoy. Peace Out!


  1. Hey, lovely and easy da..Nice idea . will try it

  2. Such a lovely and cute idea of making how pinwheels with simply ingredients..kids friendly snacks..

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  4. Wonderful! I make a roll like this but you have a great idea here of having the children do it. Incredibly nifty! Like your space

  5. I just feel like being the kid to grab a few of these right away.
    May the festive season be joyous and usher in all prosperity and good cheers. Happy deepavali to you and your loved ones.

  6. Those are so lovely!..great ideas..and hey you could've sent it for my kids delight right!

  7. Wow.. lovely kids delight, so easy to make, looks so delicious.

  8. Thank you this was such a fun and an easy idea.


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